The Turtle and the Village






Once upon a time there was a village near the seaside with no knowledge of hygiene. The inhabitants wished there would be fewer sick people in their village. Their wishes were heard by a turtle that could fulfil them. But… is wishing the key to saving this village? The Turtle and the Village is an educational film that tries to inform its viewers about hygiene. The film is interactive, which allows the audience to react on what they see on the screen.


Written and directed by Anne van Campenhout and Rens Christiaansen. Camera by Anne van Campenhout. Edited by Anne van Campenhout and Rens Christiaansen.


This film is the result of a study of the possibilities of using media in developmental work, commissioned by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Ghana. The film was used in the Unicef WASH program. It screened in Accra, Ada Foah and Senya Beraku.

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